Our mission is to empower individuals and engage communities to end domestic violence.

We offer: 

  • free, comprehensive services that support adult and child survivors as they heal from the trauma of domestic abuse;
  • programs in schools that teach students how to lead conversations about healthy relationships, recognize signs of an abusive relationship, and become empowered to make positive and healthy decisions;
  • tools and strategies to reduce domestic violence homicides;
  • a court-ordered education program for those who use violence in an intimate relationship.

Our team is comprised of 45 staff members who use evidence-based approaches to meet the complex needs of adults and children in crisis due to domestic violence. 

While we all have different roles—from administration to fundraising, advocates to attorneys, educators to program facilitators—we all share a common goal. We are dedicated to ending domestic violence and providing care for survivors and their families.

Group of several dozen people take photo and smile to the camera

Our Values

At the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, we:

Provide empathetic and trauma-informed services.

Center social justice and equity.

Use a strengths-based, survivor-led approach.

Work collaboratively within our communities.

Practice with heart and a holistic mindset.