Group of teens standing together

Changing Young Lives

We know that patterns of abuse start early; we also know that early intervention can prevent future violence. To break the cycle of domestic violence before it affects the next generation, the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center offers innovative Youth Empowerment Services (YES) that use evidence-based and nationally recognized approaches to educate girls, boys and students who are gender non-conforming.

According to a study by the Family Violence Prevention Fund, patterns of violence and victimization develop in early adolescence and, if not addressed, become difficult to reverse later in life.  

It Takes a Village

Prevention programs for young people have been shown to be an effective way to educate and stem violence. These interventions should remain consistent throughout a young person’s life to have truly long-lasting effects. The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center brings a variety of empowering programs into local schools to help young people make healthy decisions that positively impact their lives.