Jeanne Geiger was a warm and caring woman who was passionate about helping people through difficult times. She brought ease and grace into the lives of people struggling with disease, pain, and loss. She never distanced herself from others, but rather chose to dive in and help where she was most needed.

Jeanne was a relentless champion of the underdog.  She first learned about the Women’s Crisis Center when she met two women, one who had received help from the Center, and the other who was currently working with our advocates so that she and her children could live free from abuse and fear. Eager to help women and children suffering from abuse and trauma, Jeanne hosted an event for the Center at Blue – Inn on the Beach, her waterfront hotel

Sadly, Jeanne died in a tragic accident while she was in Massachusetts a few short months later. A family friend delivered the eulogy at her funeral and asked, “Where will we find Jeanne in our lives?” He answered his own question, saying we would find Jeanne every time we choose to help a friend in need and when we offer all we can to our communities.

Jeanne’s husband, Julian Geiger, described her as “the nicest person I’ve ever known.” To honor her strength, spirit and commitment to humanity, Julian and their children donated $1 million to the Women’s Crisis Center and we changed our name to the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center in her honor.