We are very pleased to recognize longtime volunteer, Patty Hoyt. Patty’s involvement with the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center began 25 years ago when she walked in our first Walk Against Domestic Violence.

As a high school English teacher in Amesbury, Patty was well aware of the existence of domestic violence and the need for education and prevention in the community. She became even more connected to the cause when her son acted in the play, Red Tide, written by our CEO, Suzanne Dubus, about teen dating violence. Later, she served on our Board of Directors for five years, two of which she was the president.

Patty knew she eventually wanted to be more directly involved with the survivors, so after retiring in 2011, she attended the training to become a direct service volunteer. Since then, Patty has helped countless survivors of domestic violence both in court and at the local police stations – often rolling out of bed and out the door in the middle of the night! She continues to fundraise and help at multiple events each year and never hesitates to pitch in wherever needed, rain or shine.

Patty has been an incredible role model and leader to other volunteers and assists in training newcomers to the program. As one volunteer stated, “Patty always remains calm, reassuring, respectful, and knowledgeable; each client she is working with receives the utmost care. Clients and volunteers alike are most fortunate to have Patty on our side.” We couldn’t agree more!

When asked what inspires her to continue to give so much of herself, Patty stated, “knowing that every dollar that I contribute or ask others to give will be used to help those in their journey and the same for every hour that I volunteer”. Patty added that she has learned so much from being a volunteer and gets far more out of it than she gives. She finds it very inspiring to learn what clients have endured, yet are brave enough to make a change.

Thank you for your passion and support Patty!