Newburyport Community Members Come Together for “Hate Has No Port Here” Campaign

The City of Newburyport and the First Religious Society UU announced the launch of the “Hate Has No Port Here” campaign, as well as the formation of a new city group focused on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Suzanne Dubus, Chief Executive Officer at the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, was honored to join the chorus of community members featured in the video who shared powerful words to denounce racism in Newburyport.

More information found below, as shared on the Newburyport Mayor’s Blog:

“Hate Has No Port Here” launched today with the debut of a video created by the First Religious Society UU, which features city and faith leaders, as well as members of the community, reaffirming the city’s commitment to being an inclusive community that stands together against racism.

The video includes Mayor Donna Holaday, State Rep. James Kelcourse, State Sen. Diana DiZoglio, City Council President Jared Eigerman, City Councilor Afroz Khan, Newburyport Chamber President Frank G. Cousins, Jr. and Ahavas Achim Congregational Leader Alex Matthews reading words of civil rights and other leaders advocating for equality for all.

Following a summer in which the city and country came face-to-face with racism in the days and weeks that followed the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police, the First Religious Society and community leaders banded together to condemn racism and reaffirm that Newburyport is a welcoming and inclusive community.

“In isolation, a single act of racism is unacceptable. What we have seen recently across the nation is a clear sign that our communities need to do more to condemn racism and hate and solidify our standing as safe havens from hate,” said Rev. Rebecca M. Bryan, Minister, First Religious Society, Unitarian Universalist. “In Newburyport, racism was on display when racial epithets were yelled at a black teenager on a downtown street corner, when a man yelled racial slurs at a Black woman and her daughter on the Rail Trail, and during too many other incidents locally and throughout the nation.”

The City of Newburyport will launch the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Alliance, which will focus on racial equity issues in the community and carry out a thorough review of city policies, services and ordinances, as well as root out inequities in community systems. The group will develop clear recommendations for change, as well as a system for measuring success.

The Alliance will consist of local political, religious and business leaders, as well as community advocates and citizens.

“This combined effort by so many in our community serves as a reminder that we are strongest when we stand together and condemn the hateful words and actions of those who do not represent our shared values,” Mayor Holaday said. “I’m deeply proud of our city for taking this important step forward in confronting racism and hate in Newburyport.”

The “Hate Has No Port Here” campaign includes signs that residents and businesses can display to show their personal commitment to stamping out racism in Newburyport.

For more information about the campaign, contact Walsh by email at, or call 978-701-5352.