October 11th is the International Day of the Girl. Today, and every day through the Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area, a program of the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, we want to celebrate the rights of girls and push toward a society in which all girls can thrive.

Today we are highlighting the story of Alexis, one of the strong, smart and bold Girls Inc. girls. Alexis is 12 years old, lives in Salisbury, Massachusetts and has participated in Girls Inc. for three years. She first joined when she was in fifth grade.

Alexis is known to others as kind, caring and always willing to offer a helping hand. Her empathy for others has even influenced her career goals – when asked where she sees herself in 10 years, she hopes to be out of college and working as a veterinarian: “I love animals and want to be able to help them.”

Today, Alexis loves creating art, and her favorite subject to learn about is science. She is inquisitive, always asking questions, and taking what she learns back out into the world. She looks up to her mom as her role model, and has felt a lifelong support from her, especially in her passion for dance.

Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, through programming and advocacy. We asked Alexis how she feels she encompasses these three important qualities:

How are you strong? “I am strong because, I help my friends when they are down and support them. I am also a dancer, and dance six hours a week!”

How are you smart? “I am smart because, I try to think about my decisions before I act on them.”

How are you bold? “I am bold because I express myself through art and don’t listen to what other people think of me.”

In celebration of the International Day of the Girl, we hope you will share Alexis’ story and channel her positive outlook into your actions today.

Contribute to the Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area

Provide one year of healthy relationship programming to a school in our community – $5,000

Provide two weeks of summer vacation camp to 10 girls – $2,500

Provides 20 hours of media literacy programming – $500

Give one girl the opportunity to participate in Strong, Smart & Safe Camp during the summer – $250

Feed our students! These Students need snacks at the end of a school day – $100

The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center believes that girls are stronger, more confident and less likely to become victims of domestic violence when they are empowered through education. We currently offer Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area programs for girls in the following Massachusetts towns: Amesbury, Georgetown, Groveland, Ipswich, Merrimac, Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Salisbury and West Newbury.

Girls Inc. of the Seacoast area is an affiliate of Girls Incorporated®, a national research, education and direct advocacy organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart, and bold. The Girls Inc. national network includes research-based curricula delivered by trained professionals to equip girls to achieve academically; to lead healthy and physically active lives; to manage money; to navigate media messages; and to discover an interest in science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Thank you to the year-long sponsors of the Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area: