July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

A Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Suzanne C. Dubus, Chief Executive Officer

As we launch into a new fiscal year and a new strategic plan, I would first like to pause and remember the ordeal we have all been through due to COVID-19. We remember the more than 600,000 people who died from the virus in the United States; we remember the families who were not able to be with their loved ones during their last hours; we remember all the businesses that have closed forever; the number of workers who found themselves without a paycheck; and we know firsthand how that affected survivors of domestic violence and their families.

With vaccination rates slowly ticking up we are hopeful that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel – even with the Delta variant. Our work at the Center continues as we serve those who are not safe at home or with their partner and we are available in-person by appointment and virtually for those who need us.

The mission of the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center is to empower individuals and engage communities to end domestic violence. Your support helped us continue our services—with no interruption—during this most challenging year:

  • We pivoted quickly to provide virtual advocacy and counseling by adapting and implementing new technology without any lapse in services.
  • Our devoted volunteers stayed connected with us, dedicating time as hotline calls increased and by offering remote tutoring for children in the families we serve.
  • We reached our Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area girls at home through Zoom, and then later in-person with careful safety measures, at a time when isolation and remote schooling left young people needing connection more than ever.
  • We continued to provide our Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program virtually and found new and innovative ways to deliver a court-ordered program that helps keep survivors safe.

As we enter our 40th year we are proud of what was accomplished this year and very excited to launch our five-year strategic plan in the next few weeks. Our FY22-FY26 Strategic Plan will focus our efforts on centering racial and social justice in every aspect of our work.

Thank you for placing your trust, confidence, and commitment in us as we work together to create safer homes and stronger communities!

On behalf of all of us at the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center,

Suzanne C. Dubus
Chief Executive Officer

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Inclusion

The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center is committed to social and racial justice and to creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable society.


Amazing Things

YOU Made Possible

1. Support During the Pandemic

967 adult and child survivors of domestic violence received life changing/saving services at Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center last year. The pandemic brought on more complicated needs; while the number of survivors served decreased by 13%, the number of services provided increased by 16%. Your support allowed us to meet the demand, providing a total of 16,678 services and pivoting to a change in needs.

2. Access to Technology

A generous donation of 60 Chromebooks provided critical access to technology for the families we serve, connecting those in need to virtual services and therapy, as well as remote schooling.

3. Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area

Across the U.S. during the pandemic, more than 25% of high school students reported worsened emotional and cognitive health; and more than 20% of parents with children ages 5-12 reported their children experienced worsened mental or emotional health (National Survey on Children’s Health). Support from our communities allowed Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area programming to continue virtually and in-person, serving 129 girls who participated in the research-based curriculum and found a place for connection, friendships, and self-care.

4. Increase in Legal Services

This spring, we saw an unprecedented demand for legal services – a 24% increase since March 2020. Survivors who needed support in the courts and with restraining orders, divorce, custody, visitation, child support, housing and immigration received a total of 3,758 legal services over the last year, both virtually and in-person.

5. Financial Assistance

Last year during stay-at-home orders, needs for financial assistance became more urgent, and in the case of those experiencing domestic violence, financial stability is a critical part of safety planning. You helped provide over $62,000 in financial assistance to 111 survivors in the form of rental support, utility payments, car repairs and gift cards for basic needs.

6. Holiday Spirit

Holiday spirit was abundant in 2020; our community collectively raised over $11,000 in funds to go directly to the survivors we serve to provide their families with joy during the holiday season. A generous donor contributed another $5,000 to help meet the urgent needs of survivors all year long.

7. Virtual Trainings

57 participants joined two 35-hour virtual Domestic Violence Advocacy Trainings, and 38 people attended a 24-hour virtual Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program (IPAEP) Certification Training, with attendees logging on throughout Massachusetts and beyond.

8. Children’s Safety Program

Through our Children’s Safety Program, we offer safe, supportive interventions for children who have experienced domestic violence. While connecting virtually with young children can prove challenging, our clinicians found new ways to offer support during a time when stability and predictability was critical. Within individual and family sessions, as well as supportive groups, there were 104 participants last year, totaling 1,009 therapy sessions.

9. Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program

As part of our mission to end domestic violence, we provide a court-ordered Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program (IPAEP) for people who use violence. Our goal is to improve the safety of survivors while holding abusive partners accountable, and to promote positive change through educational groups. 424 participants were enrolled in the program last year, which meets virtually during the pandemic.

10. Strong Fathers

The Strong Fathers program is a weekly group rooted in a belief that all men want to be good fathers and that their motivation should be recognized, rewarded, and reinforced without minimizing the effects of their violence or excusing their actions. A total of 39 participants joined the groups, held virtually last year.

Stay-at-home orders, intended to protect the public and prevent widespread infection, left many victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) trapped with their abusers. Domestic violence hotlines prepared for an increase in demand for services as states enforced these mandates, but many organizations experienced the opposite. In some regions, the number of calls dropped by more than 50%. Experts in the field knew that rates of IPV had not decreased, but rather that victims were unable to safely connect with services.

Programs and Services

We provide comprehensive services to meet the complex needs of adult and child survivors of domestic violence. Our proven evidence-based approach supports survivors healing from the trauma of domestic abuse through advocacy, counseling and legal services. We have a multi-disciplinary team of advocates, mental health counselors, and lawyers that provide an integrated web of support as the needs of survivors shift from crisis intervention to long-term healing and independence.

Advocacy and Support

Client-centered interventions help survivors better understand what they have experienced and provide them with the tools to move forward


A wide range of evidence-based and proven therapies are available for adult and child survivors as they heal from trauma.

Legal Services

Our on-staff attorney and volunteer advocates provide support in the courts and assist in a wide variety of legal matters such as divorce, custody, visitation, child support, housing and immigration.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOMICIDE PREVENTION Research has shown that intimate partner homicides are often predictable; and if they’re predictable, they’re preventable. The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center is a nationally recognized leader in the fight to end domestic violence homicides.

Domestic Violence High Risk Team

In 2005, we launched the country’s first Domestic Violence High Risk Team (DVHRT) in our hometown of Newburyport, MA. Since then, our research-based model has been implemented throughout Massachusetts and in over 200 jurisdictions across the United States and recognized by the Department of Justice as a promising practice to reduce the threat of harm to intended victims, family members and first responders.

Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention

Our skilled staff provides training and technical assistance for communities across the country interested in preventing domestic violence homicide.

Youth Empowerment Services (YES) – We know that patterns of abuse start early; we also know that early intervention and prevention can change the culture of violence. Our Youth Empowerment Services use research-based and nationally recognized approaches to educate girls, boys and students who are gender non-conforming. YES prevention programs teach elementary, middle and high school students how to lead conversations about healthy relationships, recognize signs of an abusive relationship, and become empowered to make positive and healthy decisions.

Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area

Serving girls ages 6 – 18, Girls Inc. programs inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, and provide girls with life-changing experiences and solutions to the unique challenges that girls face.

Bystander Education

This two-part peer leadership training program demonstrates to students how standing up to peers engaging in abusive behaviors can impact social change.

Healthy Relationships and Gender-Based Violence Prevention

These workshops teach young people how to identify abuse in a current or past relationship, and how to avoid entering abusive relationships with potential dating partners.

ABUSE EDUCATION – The Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program is a court-ordered, 40-week program for those who use violence in an intimate relationship. Offenders in this program are required to attend or are at risk of violating their probation. The program’s goal is to improve survivor safety while holding abusive partners accountable, and to promote positive change by providing educational groups.

STRONG FATHERS – We also offer a Strong Fathers program that engages participants to enhance skills and increase knowledge about issues unique to fathers. The groups help raise public awareness of the important role that fathers play in the well-being of their families.

Thank you for giving me courage and assistance to move out of this toxic relationship. I am almost 65 years old and was too scared and shameful to divorce especially with no family and relatives here - this thought has haunted me day and night and I have to move out now.

Individual Giving

  • Jamie and James Abelson
  • Deborah Aldrich
  • Anonymous
  • Victor and Margaret Atkins
  • Carolyn Bailey
  • R Jeffrey Bailly
  • Jane Baird and Richard Sharp
  • Ruth Baker
  • Patricia Bartfay and Andrew Bartfay-Szabo
  • Steven and Jean Berger
  • Paul and Ann Bertrand
  • Stacey Billington and Joyce Bodenrader
  • John Giordano and Julie Bokat
  • Stephen and Genise Bonacorsi
  • Cheryl and John Bortz
  • Barton Bracken
  • Bobbi Brauneis
  • Elizabeth and Robert Breau
  • Sharon Breighner
  • Frances and Mark Brunault
  • Teresa Buckley
  • Barbara and Joel Butler
  • Edward and Susanne Cameron
  • Joseph and Susan Carper
  • Kimberley Casey
  • Joyce Cejka
  • Marybeth and Michael Cennami
  • Mardi Chalmers
  • Hannah Charney
  • Patricia Chines
  • Charles Cocotas
  • Elaine Cohen and Donald Millotte 
  • Tricia Coia
  • Rebecca and Michael Collins
  • Elisa Colstad
  • Connie Condon
  • Michael Connors
  • The Constance Family
  • Jean Costello
  • Michael and Kerrin Costello
  • Dylan Cox and Meghan Peterson
  • Anne Crays
  • Linda Croteau
  • Thomas Danisiewicz
  • Amy Davies
  • Paula Davis
  • Geoffrey and Lori Day
  • Kevin and Joan Delahanty
  • Jennifer Delong
  • Brian and Darryl Dillon
  • Richard Dionne and Amanda Hancock-Dionne
  • John Dodge and Ann Dooley
  • Cheryl Dolan and Jim DeWolf
  • Kristen and Micah Donahue
  • Sabra Dow
  • Andre Dubus III and Fontaine Dubus
  • Kelly Dunne
  • Nancy Durkee
  • Nancy-Jean and Christopher Eagan
  • Richard and Kathy Eaton
  • Marlys Edwards
  • Claude and Laura Elias
  • Michelle and Scott Ernst
  • Sean Estella
  • Lois Ferguson
  • Joseph and Stacey Fix
  • Alexandra Foley
  • Peg Foley
  • Catherine and Paul Fowler
  • Mary Ann and Stephen Fraser
  • Mary A. Fratto
  • Susanne Fushpanski
  • Linda Gallagher
  • Claribel Garcia
  • Clara Gaudette and Richard Clark 
  • Jerry and Anne Gechter
  • Jack Geissert
  • Jane Gerteisen
  • Thomas and Christie Getz
  • Richard and Mary Giannino
  • Christine Giatis
  • Pamela Gilday
  • Nicole Girouard
  • Sierra Gitlin
  • Kirsten Griebel
  • Colleen and Thomas Guillou
  • Charles and Ann Haaser
  • Albert and Rosemary Hagan
  • Joanna Hammond and Theodore Van Nahl
  • Joan Hancock
  • Richard Harris
  • Sharon Harris
  • Margaret Henry
  • George and Janice Hilton
  • Donna and Joseph Holaday
  • Karen Holmes
  • Joel Hooker
  • Patty and Peter Hoyt
  • Doug, Danita, and Ean Hynes
  • Joan Ingraham
  • Benjamin and Ellen Jameson
  • William Jerome III and Nancy Jerome
  • Karen Jimenez
  • Carolyn and Stephen Johnson
  • Robin Kahan
  • Ellen Kaplan
  • Sophie Karidoyanes
  • David and Liza Kelleher
  • Maureen Kemmerer
  • Kate Kenny
  • Elizabeth Kilcoyne
  • Thomas Kinnare and Christine Reif 
  • Pamela and David Kipp
  • Hela and Bruce Knowlton
  • Jennifer Kooken
  • Roberta and Ronald LaFontaine
  • James Lagoulis
  • William and Sheryl Lasala
  • Eva Lee and Henry Longmire
  • Jay and Debra Lesynski
  • Marcia and Robert Lewis
  • Steve Lichty
  • Kate Liddy
  • Martha Liddy 
  • Edward Christopher Lord
  • Bobbi Lugo
  • Eleanor F Lyons
  • Sheila MacIsaac
  • Beth Macy
  • Kelly and Derek Majewski
  • Al and Claire Martin
  • Patrick and Elizabeth McAndrews
  • Jason and Margaret McCarthy
  • Julie McConchie
  • Rachel McManus
  • Elizabeth and Thomas Mela
  • Melina Melvin
  • John and Florence Mercer
  • Jacqueline Messina
  • Nicholas and Vivienne Metcalf
  • Suzanne Miller
  • William Milliron
  • Steven and Paula Mollov
  • Earl and Kathleen Morrill
  • Lucia Moskal
  • Judy Mouradian and Ted Ruetenik
  • Susan Mundry
  • Madalene Murphy
  • John and Susan Neale
  • Susan MacPhee and Mark Nelson
  • John and Jane Nickodemus
  • Joyce Nicoll
  • Laura O’Keefe
  • Robert and Catherine O’Neill
  • David and Katie Paikin
  • Andrea and Edward Passarella
  • Bonnie Patch and John Grillo
  • Michele and Chris Penta
  • Tim and Kerri Perry
  • Irene Pickering
  • Anita St. Pierre
  • Mary Piltch
  • Maureen Pomeroy
  • Kelly Prescott
  • Candice Rennell
  • Teresa and Mark Richey
  • Jean Riley
  • Anthony and Delia Rinaldi
  • Leo and Mary Rocco
  • Barbara Roche
  • The Rodriguez Family
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  • Ruth and Jose Rosario
  • Helen Routh and Brian Koester
  • Rebecca Rully
  • Barbara Rzepski
  • John and Elizabeth Sayre-Scibona
  • Robert Schoen
  • Candace Schuller
  • Lesa Scott
  • Kelly Shea-Knowles and John Knowles 
  • Sloan Emmons Family
  • Cheryl Smith
  • Herbert and Sandra Leigh Snow
  • Katherine Snowden
  • Stanley and Kathleen Sozanski
  • Karen Vigurs Stack
  • Madeline J. Manning Stanley
  • Pollyann and John Statom
  • Mary Beth Strauss
  • Darwin and Sonia Suelen
  • Karen and David Sullivan
  • Maria Sullivan
  • Lisa Summerville
  • Nina and David Tanis
  • Rebecca Taplin
  • Jeff Tavares
  • Joan and Irwin Tepper
  • John and Elaine Thibault
  • Meredith L. Thoenen
  • Anne Tuohy
  • Anne and Forrest Verret-Speck
  • Marianne Vesey
  • Daniela and Jay Vyas
  • Cathy Wade
  • Ian and Debra Wallace
  • Anne Walsh
  • Lisa Walsh
  • Mrs. Vickie Walsh
  • Teresa Wann
  • Alexander and Anne White
  • Karen Wiener and Richard Northey
  • Kimm Wilkinson
  • Beth Williams
  • Neil Wilson and Ronda Kahan Wilson
  • Ann Marie Wilson-Crockett
  • Lindsay Winters
  • Barbara and Gerald Wood
  • Ellen Zaglakas
  • Richard Anderson
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  • Priscilla Bellairs
  • Tina Benik
  • Patricia Buckley
  • Jim and Ann Chapman
  • Robert and Elia Ciampitti
  • Karen Clagett
  • Diana and Mark Cote
  • Ann Davies
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  • Christine Doherty and Lisa Mead
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  • Andrea and Jared Eigerman
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  • Julian R. Geiger

Thank you for helping [my son] and I work through a very hard time in our life. I appreciate all the check in’s and working with me to help me understand where [he] was coming from and strengthening my parenting so I can support him better. [He] did an amazing job, he is just the best and this class has definitely gave him confidence and a voice.

Foundation Donors

  • James Held & Kenn Karakul Charitable Foundation, Inc
  • Amazon Smile Foundation
  • Mersen USA Sunshine Fund
  • Autodesk Foundation
  • Amesbury Health Care Charitable Trust
  • Doremus Family Charitable Fund
  • Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
  • S. Eaton Memorial Fund
  • Sean Perkins Foundation
  • SEIU Nage Local 5000 Charitable Foundation
  • Sherry and William Rogers Family Fund
  • Women’s Independence Scholarship Program, Inc.
  • Budd Family Fund
  • NAID Foundation
  • Nancy E. Barton Foundation
  • Abbot and Dorothy H. Stevens Foundation
  • Essex County Community Foundation
  • Foundation M
  • Harpley Foundation
  • New England Patriots Foundation
  • TJX Foundation
  • Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Charles F. and Marianne Small Charitable Foundation
  • Friendship Foundation
  • George F. Bishop Foundation
  • Marigold Charitable Trust
  • Mary P. Barton Charitable Foundation
  • People’s United Community Foundation of Eastern Mass, Inc.
  • Rogers Family Foundation
  • Saab Family Foundation
  • Anonymous
  • Cummings Foundation, Inc.
  • Edward S. and Winifred G. Moseley Foundation
  • Girls Incorporated
  • HRH Foundation
  • Institution For Savings Charitable Foundation
  • Osterman Family Foundation

Corporations and Community Organizations

  • Anonymous
  • Amesbury Friends Meeting
  • Belleville Congregational Church
  • Circle Finishing, Inc.
  • Fritz Deguglielmo, LLC
  • J. Peter St. Clair, DMD
  • Keiver-Willard Lumber Corporation
  • Kendra Scott LLC
  • Seven Star Builders
  • Tech Soup
  • Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America, Inc.
  • 28 Carrots
  • Advanced Building Analysis
  • Boston Construction Services, Inc.
  • Carr Island Animal Hospital
  • Cole Landscaping, Inc
  • David Electrical Contracting, LLC
  • Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC
  • Greater Newburyport Bar Association
  • Green Jean’s Design and Horticulture Services
  • J.McLaughlin
  • Law Office of Kathryn M. Morin, LLC
  • Morrill Electric
  • Newburyport Lions Club
  • United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Unity on the River
  • BLB Custom Building
  • Boston Consulting Group Inc.
  • Central Congregational Church
  • Cote Plumbing and Heating Inc.
  • GC Fodera Contracting LLC
  • Law Offices of Joyce E. Scott
  • Lombardi Oil & Gas
  • The Deck Salisbury
  • The Dojo, LLC
  • Tom’s Discount Store
  • Bentley’s Real Estate
  • Design Technique Inc
  • Dietz & Lynch Capital
  • Enterprise Bank
  • First Religious Society Unitarian Church
  • Mello Disposal Corp.
  • Garrison Inn
  • Gorman Homes
  • Horan Development
  • Liberty Law & Title LLC
  • Stonewall Kitchen
  • Strem Chemicals Inc.
  • TeamLogic IT
  • Alternative Therapies Group
  • Camden National Bank
  • Matter Communications
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  • Anna Jaques Hospital
  • Newburyport Bank
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  • 100 Women Who Care Boston North
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  • VMWare Inc

Mission Statement

The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center’s mission is to empower individuals and engage communities to end domestic violence. Our organization is a nationally recognized leader in the effort to end domestic violence. For nearly 40 years, we have provided advocacy and support services to those needing assistance throughout Essex County, helping approximately 1,200 – 1,400 adult and child survivors each year move from crisis to safety and long-term independence.

Communities We Serve

Communities Key: StarOffice Locations

  • Newburyport: Administrative Office
  • Amesbury: Survivor Survices, Youth Empowerment Services
  • Lawrence: Children’s Safety Program
  • Lawrence: Abuse Education

Communities Key: CircleChildren’s Safety Program

Communities Key: CircleSurvivor Services

Communities Key: TriangleYouth Empowerment Services

Primary Courts Served by Abuse Education:

  • Haverhill District Court
  • Lawrence District Court
  • Lawrence Superior Court
  • Lowell District Court
  • Middlesex Superior Court
  • Newburyport District Court
DVHRT States

21 states have implemented the Domestic Violence High Risk Team (DVHRT) Model, including 26 teams throughout Massachusetts.

You have really empowered me in this process, and I feel good about representing myself - like I can defend myself against his dysfunction. That feels really good for me. Thank you for that.

Thank You

We’ve been helping survivors of domestic violence move toward safety, healing and independence for 40 years. Staffed by 44 full and part-time professionals, 83 active volunteers, and a 17-member board of directors that provides governance and oversight, the Center provides a 24-hour crisis hotline, legal assistance, emergency and transitional housing, counseling and support to survivors and their families, free of charge. In FY21, approximately 56% of our funding derived from state and federal contracts, with an additional 31% coming from generous individuals, corporations, and private foundations. We are grateful for your support.


  • Development $1,101,152
  • State/Federal Contracts $1,899,027
  • Payroll Protection Program (one-time) $212,733
  • Program Services $367,792
  • Donated Goods & Services $177,197

Total Revenue: $3,757,901

  • Survivor Services $1,682,195
  • Youth Prevention $215,076
  • Training and Technical Assistance $355,172
  • Intimate Partner Abuse Education $475,297
  • Management & General $685,394

Total Expenses: $3,413,134

*Unaudited FY21 Financials