July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Message from the CEO

Suzanne C. Dubus, Chief Executive Officer

This past year has proven to be an exceptional and historically challenging time. As the world continues to respond to the impact of both COVID-19 and the movement for racial justice, we are being called on to create and hold space for difficult and essential conversations about anti-racism and racial equity.

At the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, our mission is to empower individuals and engage communities to end domestic violence. To do that, we must become stronger allies to Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. Black women and women of color are disproportionately impacted by domestic violence. More than 40% of Black women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime; and sadly, Black women are almost 3x more likely to die at the hands of a current or ex-partner than members of other racial backgrounds. We are committed to fully understanding the barriers that exist for Black survivors so that we can work to remove them.

As a result of the global pandemic, there has been an escalation of abuse at record rates. High rates of unemployment, economic anxiety, and a sharp increase in gun sales have increased the risk and dangerousness of domestic violence. Social isolation and distancing have given many abusers more control and supervision over their partners, and often victims do not have the option of going somewhere else. The effects of COVID-19 will continue to impact those who are most vulnerable, even as life begins to look more “normal” for others.

We are here to help. Our priority remains to provide immediate crisis intervention and safety planning for survivors of domestic violence and their families at no cost to them. Since March, the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center quickly pivoted to expand and improve our technology to virtually offer critically important services to survivors, including advocacy, counseling, legal assistance and support groups, in addition to our 24/7 confidential hotline. Our volunteers are working virtually and creatively to help, from providing hotline support to tutoring children of survivors, helping alleviate stress.

We were able to continue our Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area programming virtually at the end of the school year, and through a carefully planned in-person summer program. Through this expansion of technology and offering remote services, we have learned valuable lessons of accessibility and how to reach those who aren’t able to seek help in-person.

Our commitment to keep the domestic violence conversation at the forefront remains as strong as when we began our work with survivors and their families some thirty-nine years ago. Since 1982, we’ve made significant inroads but as long as there are people living with fear and abuse from an intimate partner or family member, there is still much for us to do.

As we continue this life-saving work, we pause to reflect on the past year and the lessons we have learned and look forward with renewed commitment and hope to what can be accomplished in the year ahead. Your support has made this possible, and you have my sincere gratitude for continuing to partner with us to end domestic violence.

Thank you, on behalf of all of us at the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center,

Suzanne C. Dubus
Chief Executive Officer


Amazing Things

YOU Made Possible

  1. Despite schools closing early this year, programming was provided to students in 10 schools in the towns we serve.
  2. 71% of survivors assisted have utilized our counseling and legal services.
  3. Since 2005 the Greater Newburyport Domestic Violence High Risk Team has accepted 193 high risk cases resulting in 0 homicides.
  4. Last year we provided advocacy, therapeutic and legal assistance services at no cost to 1,112 survivors and their families.
  5. In 2019, staff and volunteer advocates answered 10,126 hotline and advocacy assistance calls.
  6. During the pandemic, when stay at home orders were in place, we helped 359 adult and child survivors of domestic violence remotely via phone or secure video platform.
  7. We provided art therapy groups to incarcerated women at the Women in Transition Program.
  8. This year 51 children participated in our groups for children who witness domestic violence.
  9. Volunteer advocates helped 103 survivors obtain or renew orders of protection in Newburyport District Court.
  10. Our staff attorney represented survivors in court on divorce hearings, child custody cases, and restraining orders.

Programs and Services

Our proven evidence-based approach supports survivors healing from the trauma of domestic abuse through advocacy, counseling and legal services. We have a multi-disciplinary team of advocates, mental health counselors, and lawyers that provide an integrated web of support as the needs of survivors shift from crisis intervention to long-term healing and independence.

COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICES provide an integrated web of support as survivors’ needs shift from crisis to independence, which may take weeks, months, or many years. Coordination with social service agencies, schools, hospitals, law enforcement, and other community partners provides support for the survivors and their families as their needs change over time

Advocacy and Support

Survivor-centered interventions help survivors better understand what they have experienced and provide them with the tools to move forward.


A wide range of evidence-based and proven therapies are available for adult and child survivors as they heal from trauma.

Legal Services

Volunteer advocates and our on-staff attorney provide support in the courts and assist in a wide variety of legal matters such as divorce, custody, visitation, child support, housing and immigration.

Our Services

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOMICIDE PREVENTION Research has shown that intimate partner domestic violence homicides are often predictable and if they’re predictable, they’re preventable. The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center is a nationally recognized leader in the fight to end domestic violence homicides.

Domestic Violence High Risk Team

In 2005, we launched the country’s first Domestic Violence High Risk Team (DVHRT) in our hometown of Newburyport, MA. Since then, our research-based model has been implemented throughout Massachusetts and in over 200 jurisdictions across the United States and recognized by the Department of Justice as a promising practice to reduce the threat of harm to intended victims, family members and first responders.

Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention

Our skilled staff provides training and technical assistance for communities across the country interested in preventing domestic violence homicide.

Youth Empowerment Services (YES) – We know that patterns of abuse start early; we also know that early intervention and prevention can change the culture of violence. YES prevention programs use research-based and nationally recognized approaches to educate girls, boys and students who are gender non-conforming, teaching elementary, middle and high school students how to lead conversations about healthy relationships, recognize signs of an abusive relationship, and become empowered to make positive and healthy decisions.

Girls Inc. of the Seacoast Area

Serving girls ages 9 – 18, Girls Inc. programs inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, and provide girls with life-changing experiences and solutions to the unique challenges that girls face.

Bystander Education

This two-part peer leadership training program demonstrates to students how standing up to peers engaging in abusive behaviors can impact social change.

Healthy Relationships and Gender-Based Violence Prevention

These workshops teach young people how to identify abuse in a current or past relationship, and how to avoid entering abusive relationships with potential dating partners.

Additional Services

ABUSER INTERVENTION – The Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program is a court-ordered, 40-week program for those who use violence in an intimate relationship. Offenders in this program are required to attend or are at risk of violating their probation. The program’s goal is to improve survivor safety while holding abusers accountable, and to promote positive change by providing educational groups.

STRONG FATHERS – We also offer a Strong Fathers program that engages participants to enhance skills and increase knowledge about issues unique to fathers. The group also helps raise greater public awareness of the important role that fathers play in the well-being of their families.

I was in the process of trying to end my abusive marriage when COVID-19 hit. Before I knew it, I was stuck in the house with my husband 24 hours a day, unable to speak to anyone about what was happening. He controlled everything I did, saying he was ‘trying to keep our family healthy’ and didn’t allow me even to go to the grocery store. I was really scared about what would happen next … I am so grateful I had the opportunity to speak to an advocate today. She validated how scary and isolating this experience has been and helped me make a plan in case things get worse.

Individual Giving

  • Anonymous
  • Jamie and James Abelson
  • Rita Abi-Raad
  • Howard Adams
  • John Al Jamal and Dyaa Fadel
  • Deborah Aldrich
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Mentors in Violence Prevention training [a Bystander Education program] has given voice to what has long been considered taboo conversations within the high school setting, despite the fact that students are often faced with issues of dating violence, toxic masculinity, and language-based gender biases. More of our students and staff members feel more comfortable having these hard conversations... and perhaps what is the most important part of this culture shift is it helps kids help each other, when help is needed the most.

Domestic violence is a complex issue. People who are abused often think they are to blame or that their situation is hopeless. Many survivors feel that they must stay with an abusive partner in order to keep their family together. It can take time for a survivor to seek support – months, or even years. When that happens, our team is ready to help.

Foundation Donors

  • Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation
  • Renaissance Charitable Foundation
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  • Kelly Family Charitable Trust
  • Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association
  • Marigold Charitable Trust
  • Osterman Family Foundation
  • The Women’s Fund of Essex County

In 2005, [the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center] created what is believed to be the nation’s first domestic violence high risk team. In the decade before… there was one domestic violence homicide in greater Newburyport almost every year. Since the team was formed, there haven’t been any. There are now 26 [teams] across the state.

Corporations and Community Organizations

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Mission Statement

The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center is a nationally recognized leader in the effort to end domestic violence. For nearly 40 years, we have provided advocacy and support services to those needing assistance throughout Essex County, helping approximately 1,200 – 1,400 adult and child survivors each year move from crisis to safety and long-term independence. Our organization’s mission is to empower individuals and engage communities to end domestic violence.

Communities We Serve

Communities We Serve

Communities Key: StarOffice Locations

  • Newburyport: Administrative Office
  • Amesbury: Survivor Survices, Youth Empowerment Services
  • Lawrence: Children’s Trauma Program
  • Lawrence: Abuser Intervention

Communities Key: CircleSurvivor Services, Children’s Trauma Program

Communities Key: TriangleYouth Empowerment Services

Primary Courts Served by Abuser Intervention:

  • Haverhill District Court
  • Lawrence District Court
  • Lawrence Superior Court
  • Lowell District Court
  • Middlesex Superior Court
  • Newburyport District Court
DVHRT States

21 states have implemented the Domestic Violence High Risk Team (DVHRT) Model, including 26 teams throughout Massachusetts.

As a child witness to domestic violence, I felt shame that I entered an abusive relationship as an adult. Without the support and free services offered by The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, I would still be living the life of a victim. Instead my daughter and I were able to break the cycle of abuse and are survivors who are living a full and happy life in a healthy, loving relationship.

Thank You

We’ve been helping survivors of domestic violence move from the crisis point to independence for 39 years. Staffed by 46 full and part-time professionals, 100 active volunteers, and a 14-member board of directors that provides governance and oversight, the Center provides a 24-hour crisis hotline, legal assistance, emergency and transitional housing, counseling and support to survivors and their families, free of charge. In FY20, approximately 56% of our funding derived from state and federal contracts, with an additional 38% coming from generous individuals, corporations, and private foundations. We are grateful for your support.


  • Development $915,467
  • Program Services $307,584
  • Donated Goods $241,244
  • Payroll Protection Program (one-time) $170,567
  • State/Federal Contracts $1,880,272

Total Revenue: $3,515,134

  • Survivor Services $1,558,059
  • Intimate Partner Abuse Education $474,284
  • Homicide Prevention $413,326
  • Management & General $679,823
  • Youth Engagement $201,818

Total Expenses: $3,327,310