Inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold

Why We Make A Difference

We are committed to helping girls in our community become smarter, more confident, secure and more equipped for the future by providing experiences that help them navigate gender, economic, and social barriers. We believe our programs change girls lives. Below highlights some of the impacts and successes we’ve achieved.


During a 15-session summer Action for Safety program, we taught girls in our community to practice self-defense and learn strategies to be safe in their world. All girls increased their confidence. One parent s comment: I am now willing to let my daughter go to more places because I know she has the skills to be safe.


During our Economic Literacy Money Talks program, we helped girls learn about money and the economy while teaching skills in a hands-on way so that girls will become economically independent. These girls learned about saving, investing, philanthropy, women in business, careers, and setting goals. One girl said, “Now I know why math is important!”


In our recent nine-week Media Literacy program, girls had the opportunity to analyze the scope and power of the media and effects of media messages on girls and women. It helped the girls think critically and create images that are more realistic and reflect their lives and goals. The girls in the program learned to see stereotypes in the media and resist them. For example, one girl said, “Why is it always a beautiful young girl who gets killed in a movie?”